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visionAIR-Klugmann is the innovation company re-writing the atmospheric observations sector with new solutions.

Our Vision

visionAIR-Klugmann offers solutions that deal with known shortcomings and capability gaps of existing remote sensing systems. These solutions provide users with the information they need at costs they can afford and allow new kinds of observations and applications.

visionAIR-Klugmann is the observation systems developer that combines scientifically established methods with latest components into sensor technique providing affordable and reliable operational measurements. This enables organisations using meteorological data to optimise their operations, save money and prevent the loss of lives.

The Challenge

visionAIR-Klugmann was incorporated to re-write the remote sensing sector by inventing solutions based on state of the art components and utilising their capabilities. Its technologies and methods are dealing with the shortcomings and capability gaps of current observing systems.

The atmospheric remote sensing sector has primarily been driven by academic interests and activities. Though most remote sensing systems are around since decades, few have reached sufficient operational status. Moderate progress predominantly has been driven by scientific research.

visionAIR-Klugmann works with academia and research institutions to incorporate progress into its products. The founder is a world leading expert in the field or atmospheric remote sensing, consistently engaged in pushing its boundaries.[/read]

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