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Dr. Dirk Klugmann

Dr. Dirk Klugmann, the founder of visionAIR-Klugmann, is a Physicist with a T-shaped knowledge profile. His specialisms include methods using RF or Millimetre Waves and Light applied to Remote Sensing and Atmospheric Observations. Dirk holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Hamburg.

During his career spanning nearly three decades, Dirk has worked in a wide variety of environments: University, public research institutions, public weather service and private industry.

Dirk has earned the reputation of being an innovative and resourceful authority in his skills area and is often consulted for providing novel solutions to varied problems and requirements. He was a member of the WMO / CIMO Expert Team for New Technologies and Testbeds. Dirk has participated in and led multiple R&D projects on varied topics. For some of these, he had assembled the project consortia and led the planning as well as generating the grant funding application.

Dirk enjoys nature and culture (optimally in combination), dynamic sports (predominantly hockey) and follows Formula E with great interest.

Dirk is experienced in wide areas of Physics, Atmospheric Science, Electro-engineering and Sensor Technology. He has published or co-authored five peer-reviewed papers in reputable scientific journals, and over 30 contributions to leading international conferences in his field of expertise.

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